A big THANK YOU for all readers for the 15,000 views milestone today

Hi everyone! When I started this little blog last year I just wanted to share cycling stories with friends having similar interests. Although we speak Malay most of the time, I thought of writing in English so that more people can learn about Malaysia and cut through the language barriers. After all, cycling is a universal interest that binds people together irrespective of our differences. Many of the readers here are my Malaysian friends but I’m happy to see the support from all my new friends from around the world. My heartfelt THANKS to all of you!!! Let’s keep pedalling.

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Bike Shops/Workshops in Bandung – Jalan Veteran

If you are ever in Bandung, make a visit to the row of bicycle shops along Jalan Veteran. All kinds of bike and bike accessories are available in one easy location. The shops mostly cater to mountain bike, downhill accessories, fixes and some road bikes. You can also find touring accessories.

One thing that strikes me are the mobile “bengkel sepeda” or bike workshop on wheels. We don’t have that yet in Malaysia, perhaps some entrepreneurs will start one soon. It will surely be a hit at the popular bike spots around town.

Bike Workshop on Wheels

Full house for service
GT touring bike

For those looking for touring bags and panniers I would recommend the brand “Eiger” which is homegrown Bandung outdoor brand with local manufacturing facilities in Bandung. In my view their quality is already international standards.


Full range touring frame bags and panniers

Cycling in Bali

I’m currently in Bali until tomorrow for a short break. The last time i was here was 8 years ago.

This place has really changed and it seems to be getting more crowded with lots more cars, scooters and motorcycles. Perhaps, because the last trip here we stayed in Ubud, away from the island’s hustle and bustle, where the only noise came from the paddy terrace of farmers chasing away the birds.

This time around we stayed in Seminyak which is near Legian and Kuta at Jl. Bali Deli. The place has about 4 bicycles for guests to use and I took the opportunity of experiencing cycling in the city.


Yesterday I cycled to Dhyana Pura beach and after that took the Jl.Raya Seminyak down to Legian and then Kuta and back. Generally the roads are narrow with practically no shoulder for bicycle. I have to compete for space with the many motorcycles and taxis which always hogged the roadside. But I must say that other motorists are very considerate with cyclists and always honked whenever they wanted to pass me ( either that or they were pissed off with me slowing them down 🙂 )

Be careful with potholes especially after the rain as you cannot gauge how deep they are. Waiting to cross intersections must be done with caution as many motorcyclists would veer away from their own lane into the opposite lane. So while cars and taxis would normally stop, I can’t guarantee the same for the motorcyclists.

Given that it is an island I imagined of seeing more people cycling to get around but in fact there are very few cyclists around. The preference these days has to be motorcycles/ scooters.


Today I cycled through Sunset Road to Jl. Kerobokan, down to Jl. Petitenget to Jl Oberoi back to Jl. Dhyana Pura back to Jl Seminyak which formed a nice small loop to sample the cycling environment in the city.

Overall, it was fun to cycle in town, just a relaxing pace with a lot of stops at the interesting shops and sights. A great alternative to hiring taxis. I recommend one to do so if you’re here.

Le Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) 2014 comes to Cahaya SPK



The 2014 Le Tour de Langkawi is currently ongoing in Malaysia from 27th February to 8 March 2014. This year’s race is perhaps the most challenging for the riders as the temperature ranges from 36 to 40 degree Celsius during mid day. Add to that the current haze and drought the country is facing. My hats off to all the riders, remember to always hydrate yourself cycling in the hot temperature in Malaysia.

Today, Sunday, 2nd March, is the 4th Stage of the race where the riders started off from Subang and race 110.9km to the gruelling hill-climbing finish line at Genting Highlands, one of the toughest sections of the overall race and the most anticipated finish to see who will be crowned the King of the Mountains.

Today’s race also passes Cahaya SPK, where I live and it is a real treat for all cycling fans in the area. The route is the Jalan Batu Arang, an undulating stretch and dubbed by the locals as part of the “dragon back”.  However they are world class riders so this part of the race should be peanuts for them.



I’m sure none of the riders will observe the road speed limit today 🙂



The traffic police will be assisting the riders today, one of the police riders on duty.

Around 10.20am the cavalcade convoy passes through and we know it will not be long before the riders start to reach our spot.


The medical and emergency personnel lead  the incoming peloton.


While each team will have their own support cars, there is also a neutral support car, just in case.



Here comes the leaders of the first peloton, they were really fast coming down the hill and it was very interesting to see how each rider has his own technique to make themselves more aerodynamic for greater downhill speed.


These are the work horses, riders who work hard in the race but not necessarily the final sprinters for their team to the finishing line. The current yellow jersey rider, Duber Quintero of team Colombia is comfortably riding in the second group, pacing himself for the rest of the race.


That is Quintero, in the yellow jersey and orange cleats. The last two LTdL was also won by a Colombian rider, they are very strong riders.


The next peloton being cheered on by Cahaya SPK residents.


The final group of riders, working it out under the sweltering heat.


And off they go, whizzing past us under the bridge of Cahaya SPK.


One of the team support cars, hmmm I wonder how much would one of the bike cost?


This last rider had a puncture and his crew changed the front tyre in less than 30 seconds. Wow…I wish I have that sort of crew when touring haha.


The Cahaya SPK Cycling Team… already training hard for the next Le Tour de Langkawi.. Yeay!!!!


For more information on the ongoing race and for the latest updates,  please visit the official website http://www.ltdl.com.my

The overall winners of Le Tour de Langkawi:
1996: Damian McDonald (Aus)
1997: Luca Scinto (Ita)
1998: Gabriele Missaglia (Ita)
1999: Paolo Lanfranchi (Ita)
2000: Chris Horner (USA)
2001: Paolo Lanfranchi (Ita)
2002: Hernan Dario Munoz (Col)
2003: Tom Danielson (USA)
2004: Freddy Gonzalez (Col)
2005: Ryan Cox (RSA)
2006: David George (RSA)
2007: Anthony Charteau (Fra)
2008: Ruslan Ivanov (Mol)
2009: Jose Serpa (Col)
2010: Jose Rujano (Ven)
2011: Yonathan Monsalve (Ven)
2012: Jose Serpa (Col)
2013: Julian David Arredondo (COL)


Freedom is… Hitting the road again


As KL citizens go into its festive break for the Chinese New Year holidays from 30th January to 3rd February, many cyclists are heading out of the city for short bike tours. With a few friends, we are heading out from Shah Alam to Pangkor Island off the coast line of Perak (for info check out www.pangkor.com.my). The ride will be about 200km one way. From Lumut, it is a 35-minute ferry ride to the island. Hoping for fine weather all the way.

If you see us on the road, honk for support !!!