Putrajaya: The Cycling Capital of Malaysia




My earlier post on cycling in the haze in Putrajaya may not fully represents how beautiful this place is for cyclists and non cyclists alike (that’s my simplistic grouping of humankind in the world today).

A week has passed and the air quality (and great pictures) has started to come back at Putrajaya and with it throngs of cyclists to enjoy the dedicated cycling lanes, tree-lined boulevards, serene lakes, lush parks and majestic bridges around Putrajaya. For cyclists, Putrajaya is a must-ride location.

What was once a plantation estates (Prang Besar Estate) owned by Golden Hope Plantations have been cultivated into a city like no other in Malaysia. My hats off to the vision of Tun Mahathir and the late Tan Sri Azizan (Petronas Chairman) who saw this development then.

The seeds planted have borne fruits and Putrajaya today is no longer a city that people goes only to work in but a city that people lives their life, spend family time with recreational activities for the mind and soul. We are now harvesting and enjoying the bounty of their hard labor. My wish is that more generations in the future will continue to enjoy what we have today.



From the bench I’m sitting, at the edge of the lake, looking at the pink mosque, I say “Thank you Allah”.


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